the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo

I read through the life-changing magic of tidying up last week. I decided to share a bit of what I gleaned each day on Instagram. You can read about it in my previous post Does It Spark Joy? I thought I would put the daily segments from that post and the remaining ones together in one post for anyone considering reading the book or looking for inspiration. I learned most of all that letting go can help you see what you truly love and seeing what you truly love can help you let go. Keep your eyes open and look for things that spark joy.

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Yesterday I was reading about the enjoyment of properly folding clothes in "the life-changing art of tidying up." I laughed to myself when I came to the part about not rolling your socks in a ball because it ruins them. She stated that socks should be at rest in your drawer. It should be as if they are on holiday. (If you have a need to create a sock holiday, see chapter 3.) . ❤️ Tucked in the folding section I found these words that I loved. The Japanese word for healing is te-ate, which means "to apply hands." The term originated prior to the development of modern medicine when people believed that placing one's hand on an injury promoted healing. She was using them to explain how we bring life by the way we touch things. The words washed over me at a heart level as I thought thankfully about the times we are fortunate to sit with allies and dear friends in the faith. We pray, hold hands, touch, speak beautiful words and sing songs of deliverance. I firmly believe that healing can come through touch. Reaching out to hold a hand is a powerful thing. We are like hurting children comforted in the arms of a tender mother. Reaching in to someone in the desperate need when they feel so lonely with a touch of kindness can most certainly spark joy. It seems to usher in the hope we have. It gives something beyond the physical to cling to. . 🐞 *You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.* Psalm 32:7
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I was sitting at Shady Grove in the light drizzle with my dear friend Emily today. If you haven't eaten there, go. I had the most beautiful Cobb salad. Em had a Hippie Chick Sandwich. I digress. We were talking about change and letting go. I had been reading about this in the tidy book. Marie was talking about sorting photos and momentos. I loved what she said about how things had served their purpose when we received them. They shaped the person we had become. We can release the past and bless it. "As you put your house in order and decrease your possessions, you'll see what your true values are, and what is really important to you in your life." Everyone needs a sanctuary. We make peace by releasing all of the events of our life to the sovereignty of God. We submit it to him for healing. Then we can give ourselves the greatest gift a woman can give herself. You are free to cherish who you are now.
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This is how my two-year-old goes to sleep at mama's shoes. We wait until she is good and out until we remove them. It's been a crazy week. I've seen more medical facilities than I wanted to and heard news I didn't want to hear. Tonight I had to leave a party because my sweet Lulu doubled over in pain. She was treated for an infection at Urgent Care. I'm just breathing. I could use a good cry, but I'm just too tired. Sometimes I just have to press in and hold on. God is gracious to give these precious pictures of a girl who wants to be like her mama. I still get butterflies when they hold my hand up and down the stairs. Through all the ups and downs, through the loss, I'm somebody's mama today. That's a miracle. Praying for all of you missing your babies. Praying for you mamas who have their grown babies in heaven like my mamas. God sees us. May he tenderly care for you today. "You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me." —Psalm 139:5 #VSCOcam #mothahood #joysparks #doesitsparkjoy
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I landed in the two pages of the tidy book that spoke on where to keep your personal shrine. As a woman of faith I know that I have no need to gather rocks and stones to influence my life. I am safely in the hands of the Most High God. She redeemed the section with a quote from a client, "Tidying has far more effect than feng shui or power stones, and other spiritual goods." If there is one thing I have learned, it is that letting go is far greater than amassing more. We can confront our overattachment to the past and our fear of the future. When we remove the clutter internally and externally, we will find the things that are truly precious to us. We will clearly see our passion by looking deeply at the items that spark joy. We will see the root of who we are. We will have clarity for our mission in life as we see our heart. We will see how we want to live our life. Of course, in complete and utter honesty, sometimes you have to fight like hell for the things that truly matter. You'll have to pray deeply and with great brokenness to find joy in the midst of the day to day. I have learned that the first step is looking for it. #doesitsparkjoy πŸ‘£Toms is giving away a pair of shoes to a needy child for every Instagram photo posted of bare feet and tagged #withoutshoes. I thought I'd use the opportunity the create some art with my people. πŸ“š*Excerpt from "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by #mariekondo
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