Pulling Back the Shades-A Review

I am thankful for people who teach me the truth, who lead me to refreshing and grace. I am thankful that these ladies were not intimidated by the many voices coming at them to not "hate" on someone's sexual preferences. The Bible does speak to our sexuality. Faith does call us to a deeper life on every level. 

I'll be honest. I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey. I really had little idea of what it was about. My sweet 70-year-old friend told me that she was going to read it, but her sister told her it was porn. I had never even read a synopsis of the book. When my friend started talking about it, I really couldn't believe that people were so in to this. Having been abused as a little girl, this mentality of willingly subjecting yourself to this sort of thing scared me. 

I was given the opportunity to read and review the book Pulling Back the Shades by a dear friend who is on the release team. She is passionate about marriage like I am. As I began reading through the book, I was really struck by the content they were having to address from the book. I was taken aback by it. Has it really come to this? Have we as a society emasculated our men to such a degree that now we are trying to get them to be strong in this false, broken way? 

I did really enjoy Pulling Back the Shades. It was well written. There truly is so much beauty and fun (!) to be had in sex the way God designed it. There is honor to be had and beauty to behold. We have a precious gift in being able to build up our men in a way that truly builds them up. Sex is meant to be a lifeline in a relationship. We are meant to have fifty shades of intense color. 
Get busy, y'all.


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