Down South by Donald Link

Down South: Bourbon, Pork, Gulf Shrimp & Second Helpings of Everything

I am sure that you can tell by looking at the cover of this book that I am head over heels for it. Look at those prawns, y'all. They are so beautiful that I want to hug you. This book made me happy. Even if were not full of amazing recipes, the witty banter and food photography is enough to bring joy to your heart. I remember when cookbooks were just photocopied recipes. This is like a bonus book inside page after page of culinary delight. 

From a cocktail entitled The Cherry Bounce, to gougéres, to rémoulade, beignets, and spicy grilled quail, this book has it all. It's a little bit fancy and a bit down home. Of course, there are crazy whole animal recipes that I could never conjure up the courage to cook. Perhaps that just makes me a semi-Southerner. People who cook whole ducks, alligators, and pigs are a brute force to be reckoned with. 

Pick this book up. Even if you just set it on your counter and never open it up, it will make you happy. You can also decide to open it, slather something with butter and fall helplessly into pure bliss.


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