Gomer: Never Stop Improving

Friends of Gomer, do y'all like my new wallpaper in my bedroom? It says, "Lowes: Never Stop Improving." Totally motivational and romantic. My man finished doing the house wrap around the exterior walls inside of our bedroom. Our walls are solid wood. People are always wanting us to keep that look. Those people are crazy. You can feel the wind from the outside through those cracks. Next up for our room is foam and sheetrock. It's pure glamour over here. Send help, Abba. Send windows. 

We took the guest bed out of the guest room so I can work on the floors. I started filling the cracks in with twine and putty. The bed went in to my girls room. If you remember, they (and some guests) broke their metal frame and had been sleeping on the mattresses on the floor. The bed looks beautiful in their room. It was given to my grandmother when she married my grandfather. It's close to a hundred years old. I stained and refinished it many moons ago. 

My man made a cross out of the antique wood from the ceiling. Let me know if you would like one. I can do multiple wood colors or all one color. We can paint on it or leave the beautiful wood as it is. I can also add a ribbon to hang it from. They are $25. All proceeds benefit Gomer's House.

We were blessed to give away some donated venison to our neighbors this week. 

Thank you for your prayer, love, and support. It is such gift to give away what we are given. 

I'm looking for a  new bed for the guest room. If you see something like this, let me know. 


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