Talk to me, Abba.

I have been blessed to do many things. Even though I have never taken an art class, it seems that I am becoming an artist. It was a wild (Holy Spirit) hair that I had to start painting. Every time I sit down at a canvas, I pray for God's creativity. I pay attention to the shape of the world around me. I pay attention to people. I pray for the recipient of the painting and everyone who sees it to be touched by the Irit of Jesus. I have been humbled by the people I have been able to pray for. People I most likely will never know. I shed many a tear when asked to do a painting for a young mother of four when she lost her husband. Many times have I wept and prayed for those in cancer treatment or recovery. I have hated and loved every minute. It has changed me. I have been humbled by being allowed to pray for them. What grace to allow me to intercede on their behalf. Very often, the words on the canvas become my own prayer. 

Eleven years ago I stepped out of severe and life-long depression. Last week, I was commissioned to do a painting for a dear friend. 

"You have taken my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy."

Yes, You did. Do it for her.


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