We're the Supporting Roles.

It's been a week of dear people and attempting to fix a van in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby. It's still there as of this writing. I have in the past never wanted to share the things that are going on in my life that are painful. I have said before that exposing your hurt to people is much more painful than the pain itself. You have no control as to how people react to you. I also don't like people feeling sorry for me because I don't. When God started nudging me to share, I conceded to His wisdom because I knew he wanted people to see him in it. We are all just supporting characters to God's great tale of grace. My ups and downs are only a way for me to be shaped into the image of Christ and for God to be seen. It's not a story where the redeemed are lauded and heralded. It's a beautiful tale of a Redeemer.

I worked a few days on my dental moulding downstairs this week, but when I got cold down there, I took a break. Remember, there is no heat downstairs. It was good timing however because I had about 30 pieces of art work to finish up by tomorrow and then head out in the delivery wagon. I am really amazed at how God has orchestrated Gomer's restoration through my acrylic. Only God could do that. Truly. 

Next week we shall commence our annual Pie Sale. Prepare your hearts and minds for the glory of the Lord in a pie. Well, at least we think they're good. 

PS We were allowed to borrow a car from Charlie Duke, one of the astronauts that has walked on the moon. So, that's fun. Here's a toast to still enjoying life even in trials!

love y'all.


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