The Cadillac of Lawn Mowers

I know I have much catching up to do here on the blog after the summer on the mission field of camp. The phone service is basically non-existent and the internet is a trifle sketchy. Even though I am constantly surrounded by people and counseling people, it can be quite lonely. Every single person there, including my man is so busy that there is no time for a good chat. I do love a good chat. I mean, I just had a three hour breakfast with one of my besties at IHOP. (Don't worry, I left a big tip for hogging the table.) Anywho, back to the point of this post.

At first we had a single push mower to mow our two acres. Then we were given a professional double push mower. After it flaked out, we were given an older riding mower. It was such a gift, but as things age, they get janky. You know what I mean. One side of the blade would scalp the yard and the other side would leave it 10 inches high.We kept trying to repair it, but it looked like we had crop circles when we mowed. 

One morning this summer, staring out at said crop circles, I asked the Lord to either truly fix our mower or grant us a new one. Guess what showed up a few hours later. Yes, friends, that right there is the Cadillac of mowers. My husband has been yearning for one more than a new car to replace his 98 Honda. He cried. Then, He whipped about the yard like an Indy race car driver. That thing is so fun. Bless the Lord. We are so thankful to Jesus and the generous hearts he gifted the Devault family with. Thank you, Jesus.

For a $20 donation to Gomer's House, we'll let you mow. It's awesome.


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