Gone Girl

I am writing this book review so that you can all make fun of me. I think I have been tucked neatly in the Christian bubble for quite some time. Unfortunately, growing up, I had vast experience with knowledge of things little girls should have no knowledge of. Over the last decade, however, I haven't had a t.v. in my house or read anything that was remotely risque. Well, a family member of mine told me this was her favorite book she had read this year and so I bit. 

Oh. My. Word. First, let me tell you that Gillian Flynn is brilliant. She can write. I was drawn in and wanted to know what was happening at every turn. Her story is genius. The plot is fascinating. At the end of the book you find yourself with your mouth open saying, "Woah, what a ride." This book is a fascinating suspense thriller.

I kept laughing at myself as I read the book because it would sneak up with me and be overtly raunchy. No, it's no 50 shades porn for women. It is however the full monty of verbiage for sexual intimacy. The bad part to me is that words stick in my head. These are words and thoughts I never want to repeat to anyone. It was definitely a surprise a minute. One moment I was shocked by the twist in the book and the next I was slapped in the face with in your face raunch. 

There's my two cents. 


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