Gomer: The Wonder Years

Look at what a little drywall can do. The picture on the top was taken the day we viewed the house with the realtor and the second was taken last month. 

Sometimes, I wonder what on earth we were thinking by taking on this gigantic project. Then I remember that this was all God's doing and He has called us to do something we absolutely cannot do. We have been at this for two years. For a deeply organized person, living in the middle of constant remodel can give me a twitch. To keep myself going I make little pockets of sanity that I refuse to let get cluttered or disorganized. The inside of the microwave is very clean. Sometimes I open it simply to see something that is not covered in drywall dust. She's a gem. Come check it out. 

I have also been trying to put all of our rooms up in individual albums on our facebook page. That way you can see the progress of each room. Join our facebook page. See what we are doing.


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