I Saw the LORD by Anne Graham Lotz

This year in Bible Study Fellowship we are studying Isaiah. At a conference a few months back, I picked up this book about his life. I have been reading this book to my infant daughter during nursing. I know. We don't start out with kiddie books around here. We kick it all off with prophesy. Really, I just wanted to read the book and I thought my voice might comfort and relax her.

The explanation and narrative of the unfolding events of the book of Isaiah were given great clarity to me as we have studied the chapters. The thing that stood out to me was how Isaiah easily preached to others up until the point when King Uzziah died and he saw the LORD. The devastating event led Isaiah to a place of deep repentance and personal revival. It was in his darkest hour that he claimed his sin and saw his Savior. 

As I look at the past year full of devastating and deeply hurtful events, I realize that these things have been a catalyst that have sent me into the arms of Christ. 

Anne is one of my favorite authors. Those are far and few between.


Steve said…
May the Lord always bless you, and your family
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Steve. May the Lord bless you as well.

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