Cry Out For Their Release

Congratulations to Shelly Haddock!
You won The One Day Way by Chantel Hobbs.
The Cherry Family was blessed to spend a few beautiful days at Carolina Creek Christian Camp this last week. Denbigh and the band were leading worship for their mid-winter retreat. It was a wonderful time of relaxing with friends. I started Joshua Harris' new book that is due out in stores next week. I have only read half of it and I give it five stars. More to come on that.

Sunday we were taking our time getting home as we went to eat and shopped at Target. When we arrived home, I was behind Denbigh and I heard him start screaming from inside the house. Water was coming down from our ceiling down our wood walls onto our wood floor. So, in the 22 degree temps we shut off the water outside and started cleaning up water. This morning a dear handy friend came to help us and we believe all of our three leak issues are repaired. We didn't spend any money to repair the pipes. A miracle in my mind.

I really didn't get upset about all of this. I knew God was going to help us or use the situation somehow. As I stood downstairs freezing though, I got a bit frustrated. After we did as much as we could, I was in bed reading a story about sex trafficking in South Africa. I cannot even bear to repeat the things I read. It made me think of how insignificant my trials were in that moment.

Do you ever find yourself pleading with God to stop a tragedy? for the world? for your family? in your church? That's where I was last night. It's where I have been for months. I don't want to leave people ensnared in a trap, but all I hear is God saying,
"Trust Me. . . and cry out for their release."


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