Michelle Methvin

On Sunday evening, Denbigh and I caught the tale end of the Art for Texas festival that is located on a ranch out by where we live. I love art. I love how the beauty of it can free your soul to experience a deeper and richer life. I was thankful for art that day. The creative beauty of God ministered to me.

There were many artist at this venue (along with musicians and the amazing Danish hot dog). My favorite artist was Michelle Methvin. I bought a few of her prints.

Michelle's Bio: "1982- Michelle was born on an Air Force base in Germany and spent her childhood at various military bases from Massachusetts to Texas. She now resides in San Marcos, TX where she makes her home with son, Elijah. She came to San Marcos in 2004 and is a 2008 graduate of Texas State with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialization in painting, Suma Cum Laude.

Michelle draws upon the tumultuous mix of pain and pride that colors the events of her life - most notable the tragedy of losing her husband to the war in Iraq and finding herself alone to raise their 2 year old son at the age of 21. It is a tragedy that marks her as she explres the possibilities of finding love again.

You will see Michelle's passion for philosophy and how it has deepened her understanding of romantic relationships coming through in her art to explore the effects of "fairy tales" ripped away, the joy and pain of love and loss, and the role of women in today's society.

Michelle's work includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and fiber arts. She is currently the VP of the San marcos Art League and you can see her art displayed at various locations around Texas and on her website Michelle Methvin"


Emily said…
You are right. I do like her stuff. I am going to check out her website.
Anne Smith said…
such beauty from pain, beauty from ashes. thanks for sharing.

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