Many Waters Cannot Quench Love

It's late and I just got in from a date with my bestie. I sit here in the Conservatory (I have a Conservatory, funny) writing and thinking. I have a heavy heart watching Kristi go through all of the things that she is going through. Have you ever wished you could throw up for someone so that they didn't have to? Now, I am no fan of throwing up, mind you, but I would do it if I could. I must say to you though...I am praising God for her trials!! I love to watch Big Papa work!! It's a Holy Ghost carpet ride through wonders and beauty. Jehova Rapha has been at work healing relationships and hearts through her struggle. Jehova Jireh has poured out provision. I am grateful that I get to watch. I get a little of the Holy Spirit overflow. I love it.

As I sit here typing away, I am thinking about Hosea. Do you know the story? Love like that is rarely seen these days. Love like that is in books and old movies. That leads me to a question. What moves you? What fills your cup? I want to get to know you. If anything makes you kinder, stronger, more fierce, more passionate, more playful....I want to know what it is. Share.

Many waters cannot quench love;
Rivers cannot wash it away . . .


susan said…
It's knowing God is healing my heart from the emotional, sexual, and physical abuse I have suffered. Walking through this journey, and hearing other's stories of healing, is sooo encouraging to my heart.

Also, it's watching one of my church's pastors & his family being the hands & feet of Jesus to a single mom & her 2 girls.

It's watching Jesus move another's heart to tears.
A hug and a smile from someone just when I need it, reminds me that Jesus is close.

A young person following Christ and not the things of this world.

People worshiping God with their hands and voices in church.

Seeing my family grow closer to God.

A relationship reconciled and healed.

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