A Student Becomes Like the Teacher

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Denbigh in the spaceship at The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis. Following scenic views also from The Oasis. At one point Denbigh says to me, 
"Sit down, Ansel Adams, and eat your food!"
Luke 6:40 has brought conviction to me on many fronts. Recently, it became very convicting to me 'about me.' In a nutshell it says that a student becomes like their teacher. As I thought about that I thought about all of the people in my daughter's life that teach her just by exposure. I became deeply convicted to pray for friends and family because who they are mold who she is. Then the word hit home. 
  I am her most powerful teacher. 

I am her most powerful teacher.

Do I want her to be like me? Thus began my personal evaluation. Are there things I hang on to via pride and arrogance that I desperately do not want my daughter to assimilate into her character? What do I model to her that I never want to see her model? Am I showing her how to navigate this life with God's word? Am I modeling modesty? Faith? Kindness? Grace? Christ?

I teach other people. In seven days I will be addressing a room of people I have never met. Based on the truth of Luke 6:40, do I want them to be like me? Is what I have to offer viable truth? Do I offer victory? Hope? Salvation? Vitality? Depth?
Do I want them to be like me?

Who do you teach? Do you want them to be like you? Do you need to get alone with the Lord and evaluate what you are offering to others?
Philippians 2:3says, "Do nothing out of vain conceit."
 This can kill a ministry, a child, a marriage.
humility: lowliness of mind, modesty

from Nancy Demoss:      
"To be modest is to:
know how to be appropriately embarrassed
be discreet
be reserved
be ashamed if your attitude or dress were ever to dishonor Christ

To be immodest is to:
be showy
talk too much
be arrogant
be aggressive, controlling, or domineering"
    (even men can be immodest)
Preaching as worship.
Teaching as worship.
Living as worship.


Unknown said…
I really liked this, Stephanie.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Jen.

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