Obligations of a Sister Saint

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I am thankful for the handful of friends that I have who love the Lord and love me. I know I have a ton of people in my life who do one or the other really well. It is a rare gift to find someone who does both. Today, I celebrate you! 

It has taken decades of continual cultivation for me to understand what God calls us to in the love of the sister saints. Kindness. Kindness is not just about bringing meals when you are sick or have a baby. Neither is it just being nice to you when your around. 

Authentic kindness to me is a deep level kind of thing that we have lost sight of.

When someone hurts you or does something you don't like, your sister obligation is to tell them so that they can seek repentance and healing. I will admit something here. If I think you are bothered by me and don't tell me but tell someone else, I will avoid you like a plague. Real friends are concerned with the spiritual well being and growth of the people around them. 

God is calling us to step up to the plate. He is raising the bar for you. Will you stand on the side of self and continually pick apart and evaluate or will you share life giving words with people?

Just for a moment ask God to help you lose sight of your carnality of thought and see the beauty of those around you. What do you see? 

Our Promised Land

I was recently reading the account of the Israelites entering the promise land and something new stood out to me. They had to overcome discouragement from their own people before they could enter the land. Do you recall the scouts they sent out telling them that the people were too big to fight? God had already assured them victory and they were discouraged! Once they entered the promise land, there were still battles to fight. I think we believe that our promise land will require no warfare and we question God's faithfulness. 

"They will recognize you (sistas
by your love for one another." John 13:36

________________Street Reporter______________
April Mawson took us to see the house of the man who founded Kyle, Texas on Sunday. Here are some pics. The Denbigh and I saw Sam Houston's house in Huntsville, Texas a few weeks ago. I know, I am quite the historical buff. (smile). There is a fried chicken fundraiser there the last weekend in September if you are interested in that kind of thing. 
Chicken or history.
I love you ladies! God bathe you in his renewing spirit this week!!!!!

I have two items of note. Next Tuesday, the 12th, is 
It happens around 2 am (12/13th). Stay up or get up and check it out!

This week we are giving away a copy of The Shack
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Tiffany Atwood said…
I love you, my sweet sista! You will never know this side of Heaven the true GIFT you are to anyone who has the privilege of being around you for even one second! God has used you mightily in my life and in the lives of so many women. Keep pressing on, my dear one. Can't WAIT to see you in just over 2 weeks!!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I could not have said it better. You and Denbigh are a blessing that words cannot describe. Love you Sister.

Angela Allen
nicole's nickel said…
I am refreshed by your Love for me and for God. He loves you, he has gifted you beautifully. May you forever chose Him. Thank you!
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, lovely ladies! You bless me. I love you.

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