Come in from the Cold

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I love the song Come In From the Cold by Marc Broussard. It has made it to my current playlist with Lizz Wright, Mrs. McCracken, and Ben Harper. Each time I hear those words, "come in from the cold," I feel my spirit longingly say 'okay' . . . even though it's 102 degrees outside. Do you ever feel like that? Perhaps you have been spiritually or emotionally out in the elements just a little too long and you are desperate to come inside to a warm, accepting fire and a cup of hot tea. 

The clouds are like a sea of draping chiffon dancing across the sky as I contemplate this thought. This has been the year of my undoing. Pride has been eaten up by deep gratitude. A new will to live has been issued. Creativity has taken over and quiet reflective prayer has become a refuge. Bread baked. Acrylic met the canvas. Tiny dress hand stitched. Love issued with depth and intention. Life.

When I was younger I would wander around Dabo's studio in awe that anyone could paint or sculpt in such a way that it appeared to be real life. His paintings hung outside the Oval Office. The caliber of man and artist that he was still inspires me. I too paint. I too shall sculpt. My sculpture may never sit in the White House, but I shall act as though the process is equally important.
 "Art is 10% talent and 90% determination."-Melvin Warren

I shall create and follow after the heartbeat of my Father. With each brush stroke I pray to know and love Him in a more intimate way. Like a child stepping into the shoes of her daddy, I long to know what He feels. What is one thing you could do today to help you understand your Creator? Is there something you have always wanted to do and have not taken the time or energy to do? Do it today. Create. Love.

Anne and I went to a sculpture class at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. It was quite interesting. We started by doing a few pencil drawings of sculptures to help us translate life to art. I veered off the path a bit and decided to draw the man beside me. I loved him ( we had only exchanged common pleasantries, but I loved him). The trick was that we had to draw the subject without looking at the paper. What! That's difficult. As we were leaving, I gave Ralph, my beloved subject, the picture I drew of him in a sort of joking way (making fun of my own art). He actually seemed quite touched and told me he was going to Michael's to get a frame. Celebrate Ralph with me. He is a wood carver. Terribly interesting.

"Rock of Ages, when the day seems long

From this labor and this heartache I have come

The skies will wear out, but You remain the same

Rock of Ages, I praise Your name.

Rock of Ages, You have brought me near

You have poured out Your life-blood, Your love,

Your tears To make this stone heart come alive again

Rock of Ages, forgive my sin

Rock of Ages, when in want or rest

My desperate need for such a Savior I confess

Pull these idols out from my heart embrace

Rock of Ages, I need Your grace" - Sandra McCracken Rock of Ages


Anne Smith said…
lovely! LOVE your grandfather's art. are there prints of his work? Burge would go crazy for it.
Unknown said…
This is me commenting on your blog!

I'll also tell you that I totally loved the music recommendations - especially McCracken. She's got a lovely voice.

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