Writers Do Write

Last week I was informed by a pastor that writers write and he was wondering why I only posted a video last week. I really have no point in telling you this except to say, "Here, Smarty Pants, read this." I am completely kidding.

Writers do write. I read once that Donald Miller spent a whole day thinking about buying something from Home Depot. I guess we get time off. Time off seems like a joke to Denbigh and I. Four short weeks ago we were presented with a full price offer on our house. Immediately we were on the road leading worship and what have you. We came home and started pulling things out from every recess of our home and packing it up. Three days we stopped and went to our church's yearly Family Camp. Back to packing. Moving. Putting in bids on a house. Realizing we are going to be homeless. Moving into storage. Moving a baby grand piano. Moving. Twenty hours spent on a ladder doing italian plaster the buyer requested. All packed. All moved. Get back in the car. Drive to Grapevine and attend the Creative Marriage conference for people in ministry. Deep breath. It's Mother's Day. I am a mother. My mom is a mother. Sleep.

During the past three weeks God has awakened a stirring in my spirit that has lain dormant far too long. I have learned more than I honestly could have wanted to learn first hand. We had shriveled up. We had lain empty. We have tasted of the stream in the desert and we have emerged. The best and most glorious lay ahead on this narrow road. Stay tuned.

Pictures from T bar M Family Camp and the Gaylord Texan.

The Creative Marriage Conference was such a blessing. It was amazing and affirming to be around people who share our heart and our struggles for/with the people of God. Every place we go we continually hear stories from pastors who are in deep need for sabbatical. God keeps confirming for us to press on towards the vision of Gomer's House.


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