What I Am Doing

I am spending the week in Waco with my family. I thought I would give an update on what I am doing.

I am taking care of our beautiful daughter. She is teething and needs an abundance of snuggles. We have been trying to determine how soon we can have another baby! Denbigh is missing her this week. He is leading worship in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

I am writing a little booklet and looking for someone to produce it. It is called Benediction (spoken blessing). It is about the power of our words. I see a Christian bent to be negative and want to address it. Why are we so hateful?

We are working on some fall retreats.

God has put beautiful vision in my heart and Denbigh and I are praying toward that. You will have to ask me in person for the details on it.

Two of my closest friends are moving away within a month of each other! I know God has big things in store for all of us.

Other than that, I am reading and doing Beth Moore's recently rereleased A Woman's Heart Bible study.

Let me know how and what you are doing.


22One7.org said…
I am in Colorado terribly missing my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter. It doesn't help when I see pictures like that. Man! She is so gorgeous!
God really moved tonight in the worship service. We didn't even get to the sermon. The Holy Spirit just came down during worship and kids started weeping. Wow. It was awesome.

Melissa said…
I am loving the pictures of your beautiful daughter! I am FINALLY back online. Still unpacking. There simply is not room for everything here. I've discovered the fabulousness of the Space Bag!


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