May Your 2007 Be Highly Favored

As we embark into the new realm of 2007, I have begun to ask myself some questions. I thought it might be an interesting thing to list them here. If the Holy Spirit gives you an answer to any and you would like a partner in prayer, please let me know.

1. If I could change (remove or add) one thing about my life, what would it be?

2. If God called me to leave my family and/or friends to start a new ministry, would I say yes?

3. How will I fulfill Isaiah 58:10 in my life this year?

4. What is one miracle I would love to see God accomplish in my personal life this year?

5. What goals or vision would I like to see brought to fulfillment this year?

Here are my answers: If I could change one thing, I would pray in such a fervent way as to give Andrew Murray and E.M. Bounds a run for their money. I have learned that prayer brings the tenderness of Christ to our hearts toward His people. I believe I could walk out of my house today if He asked me to. Isaiah 58:10 says that we should pour out what we have to sustain ourselves to meet the needs of the afflicted. I will continue to give all proceeds from my book to ministry as well as any personal item or length of time I can give to anyone who is in need of it. I would love to see God do a powerful work in my family and Denbigh's family restoring them all from complacency to fervor for Jesus Christ. I would also love to see our house paid off to open the door for more ministry. My visions fulfilled would be for God to allow and provide for Denbigh to do a live album, me to write and publish a second book that will please the heart of God, and for God to open the door for us to start a retreat center. My biggest prayer this year is for a healthy baby and complete confidence in God as we train her up to love her heavenly father. What can I pray for you?


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