The Wisdom of Tenderness

This book is an absolute Must Read. I bought a copy for my brother the minute I finished...and I took 9 pages of notes from it. I am sure you will hear more about it.


Brennan Manning believes that all changes in the quality of life must grow out of a change in our vision of reality. Calling into question the prevailing vision of God as a remote overlord who alternately purveys judgment and blessings to his creatures below, Manning shows how this distorted image of God leads to a spirituality that is shallow and ultimately in conflict with the message of the Gospel.

Rooted in the author's compelling grasp of God as a loving parent, The Wisdom of Tenderness gently invites us to embrace the unfathomable mercy, grace, and love of God. By relating to God as a loving parent with the heart of tenderness, we can develop a spiritual life that allows us to let go of worry, stop organizing everything as a means to an end, and begin to live fully in the awareness of God's infinite grace and mercy in each moment. As we come to accept the tenderness of God, our hearts will begin to open, our minds can discern truth, and we can more readily see the divine in others.

A profound exploration of the challenges of Christian living, The Wisdom of Tenderness leads readers to a greater experience of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, and reverence.


Unknown said…
I'll put it next on my list! said…
and I will put it back in your house. :-)

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