Terribly Interesting

There is a French saying that women do not become interesting until they are 38. Turning 29 this year the thought came upon me that I should start this process immediately and become "terribly interesting." This has set me on a journey of what I think makes a woman interesting. What makes a woman interesting to you? Emily says it is something in her spirit - something about her that can't be expressed with words. I would have to agree. There are 4 things that attract me to women as friends.

1. Grace and elegance - it is something about her confidence and comfortability in being a woman. Someone who relishes her femininity. This woman is described as a woman at rest in the fabulous book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. Read this book and feel the beauty God created you to be.

2. Passion - she is passionate about something. I love painting, writing, cooking, gardening, friends, and devouring the Word of God. I love the symphony. I love church.

Passionate people I know -
Autumn is an inspiration to me as she is passionate about motherhood, being a wife, and running (You are a Kenyan!)
Tiffany is passionate about worship and I love to hear her beautiful voice.
Reagan is passionate about Opera.
Lori is passionate about children hearing and knowing the Word of God.
Linda is passionate about God and prayer.
Shelley is passionate about prayer.
Emily is passionate about knowing God for herself (and about Brie - and tacos)

3. Submission - a woman who is submissive in it's true Biblical form is a truly rare find. A woman who is committed to building and lifting up as she fulfills her God given role with excellence.

4. Godliness - it is easy to go to church and find a Christian woman, but one who seeks to love and please her Savior above herself is a true anomaly. I see her as loving and devouring the Word of God and living by it. Her relationship is not second hand. No one is feeding her. She does not need table scraps from anyone else. She has a hunger for God and daily feasts at His banqueting table.

I seek these things for myself and those around me. I long to experience the creative power of God this year by painting, sculpting, writing, and inviting women to be beautiful - inviting them to be themselves. I hope to attain this. The journey shall be Terribly Interesting.

I will share about more beautiful people as I come across them.


Unknown said…
Thanks for your comments. Brie looks forward to the date her and Kevin can play again.

Have a good day!

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