The Deeper Life by Daniel Henderson

I wavered between wanting to love this book and having to prop my eyelids open to be quite honest. I read the awesome reviews by Joni Eareckson Tada and Jim Cymbala. I thought the bought would grab me right away. On the other hand, I thought the title sounded like a Southern Baptist sermon series. 

Of course, we all want a deeper life with Jesus. We want to know hime more intimately. I thought I would give Mr. Henderson a shot at speaking to my heart as I read his book. The man had good things to say. He had beautiful scripture to quote and core theology to outline. His book was right on point. For some reason, I had a hard time reading it however. Perhaps it read more like a collection of sermons or a text book. In that vein, it was well put together. If your mind works that way or you are looking for a place to plunge into some core knowledge, this would be great for you. 

I may or may not be inclined to lend it to a friend. It's not something you run over to your bests house with proclaiming that she must read it.


John Messer said…
Hi Stephanie, I am offering up incense (prayers) to our Father on your behalf as I write this. I have just started a class to be "certified" to coach folks who want to really dig into the questions on a deeper level and I will help people to do so with their hearts, emotions, and the experiential parts of their persons! Thanks so much for your honest and accurate assessment of the book! It will help me bring a balance that is much more than a SERMON! Blessings of peace and joy to you Stephanie! John

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