Come Sit a Spell, Gomer.

Hello dear friends of Gomer,

The last week I have been cleaning house. I mopped eight times and it still isn't clean. Let's just be clear, drywall dust is a real bear. It keeps getting tracked all over my finished floors. It makes a girl want to lay out on the floor and go Mr. Miagi on them. Wax on. Wax off. Alas, I will just keep mopping and I'll persevere. There is also tape falling off the wall still because I just couldn't get to it. I'm sure it will all work out. I think I can reuse it even if it's been on the ground.

I realized that 7 out of 10 rooms are completely drywalled downstairs so my drywall dust dilemma will soon come to an end. The only rooms left are the living room, part of the parlor, and the small butler pantry. No more dark and dreary, y'all.

We did get to purchase Gomer some spring plants and started doing yard work. Denbigh rented a self-propelled lawn aerator. He fed and reseeded the St. Augustine. Then on the most glorious of Saturdays, we had company. It was lovely. My man made a huge brunch for our dear friends. There were pancakes a la mode and bacon by the bucket. You can come by our house almost any Saturday and we will make you brunch. 

Five minutes after our first guests left for the day, the second shift arrived from Dallas. They came to pick up a giant wooden sign that they had custom ordered. I had prayed for one of their children as they pursued adoption from Russia a few years ago. This was the first time I had met her in person. It was such an amazing gift to me. I was also able to meet her other children and see her belly growing number four. It has truly been an amazing journey to see how this blog, my art, and our house have brought people from all over. It is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the sale of that sign, we'll be getting a gorgeous new faucet for our claw foot tub. 

We just love opening up our house to enjoy company. Please come dine with us. Come sit a spell. 

Who are you being hospitable to?

Give to Gomer's House.


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