Glory be. It's a Room, Gomer.

Well, y'all, we did it. We hosted a great group of folks here on a mission trip last week. It gets pretty challenging while managing three small children. The clean up can be really tricky. There are screws and dust and drywall all over the place. That has to all be cleaned up before my girls can go downstairs. As of this writing, I have one room to go. Hopefully, I can get that done tonight. 

You know, I asked Jesus to multiply their work and I believe He answered me. There was so much done. We haven't had light or electrical on the third floor and now we do. It's pretty amazing to be able to see up there. The drywall up there was old and sketchy. Some of it would crumble to pieces if you looked at it the wrong way. They tore all of that down. Did you know that they used to use the third floor as a ballroom? Perhaps that should be the name of the guest suite. The Ballroom.

On the first floor, they house wrapped, insulated with foam and drywalled the room where our baby grand piano is. It's gorgeous. It always looked like a cave in there. Now, it looks like a room. They were able to foam some of the living room as well. In the bathroom where the shower is, they were able to drywall and do some mudding in there. One night, they decided to finish the drywall in the dining room at 10 p.m. 

On a funny note, there was some zealous taping going on with all of the drywall seams. I know they were hoping to mud the whole house so they taped every seem. Since they didn't get to that, tape is coming off everywhere. I am hoping to get a little mud on each piece of tape to hold it in place in the next day or so. Say a little prayer that I can accomplish that with my three girls running around.

It was a sweet and precious time here. I love that we get to partner with the beloved in Christ and mutually benefit one another. Memories are made here as were serve together and worship on the porch at night. It truly is a beautiful thing that we are fortunate to be a part of. The group was just amazing. They were kind and genuine. They worked hard and were able to accomplish huge things. We are very grateful for their coming. Their gentle spirits ministered to us and to our girls.
Come on over and see what they did. 

PS: The slide on our playscape was accidentally broken last year by a group and my girls couldn't use it. I had been looking for one online and reconciled to buy one Monday. On Sunday, we had dinner with friends and they had taken one down because their kids were too big for it. Guess what came home in our car! These lovely people shared their slide with us. Denbigh hacksawed the old old bolts and a few hours later had it attached to our playscape. Thank you, Jesus, for saving us a few hundred dollars. Anyone want to give away a trampoline, swimming pool, or spa? It doesn't hurt to ask. Glory be.

Love y'all.

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