You're a Day Late, Gomer.

Do you like my awesome cooling system in the kitchen. If you are on facebook, you may know that I put a cooler full of ice behind it the other day to make homemade air conditioning. I know it may be bittersweet, but I bid adieu to the box fan. As soon as the beams are on the ceiling, Denbigh will be installing the new kitchen fan. The bead board look of the blades matches the kitchen. Are you all beside yourselves with envy? I don't know about the light kit. We will see if we like it.

You may be wondering why we are enamored with beachy things around here. It all started with the gigantic palm trees out front. Then I thought the colors of water would be perfect for a respite. 
Besides, if His grace is an ocean, I'm headed to the beach.
I was all set to blog about Gomer yesterday and then tragedy of all tragedies struck. My one year old couldn't find her woobie to go to bed. For those of you who don't know, a woobie is the fluffly little blankie kids carry around with them. Some people call them loveys or minkys. My first born could not have cared less about hers. This one, however, can't live without hers. So, I searched for hours. I kept praying to not go into labor as I was looking under everything on my hands and knees. Then, God illuminated it for me. Found, at last. Then, I passed out. My beloved husband was off leading worship at a retreat. I am so thankful for him and his help with our girls.
 The Costa Cork I have been wanting from Lumber Liquidaters has been out of stock for some time, but I looked recently and it said it would arrive for shipping next week. I'm taking some painting money and I'm buying it. Thanks, Jesus! I know that you will miss the plywood look we have going now, but console yourselves. A large portion of the downstairs is still a mess. Baby steps.
We have been waiting on the Lord for some new countertops. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. The great part is that we would rather have the countertops that God wants us to have than any others. So, we release the desire and the how to God and we await. Out of curiosity, I did an estimate at Home Depot for white quartz. It was about $2,500. Not bad. I thought it would be much higher, but the kitchen isn't gigantic, so that's a plus. You can hang on to your love of the plywood countertop for now. We can all pretend we love the rustic look.
Here is one of the latest little blocks I have done. I love it so much that I am keeping the original. All the bright colors make me so happy. I did however tuck it away in my Etsy store. Wouldn't it be a cute gift for a friend?
You can buy one here and support my kitchen:

 This is where I have it at my house.
 Here are the boards that will be the cross beams over the bead board ceiling. Denbigh put the 3rd coat of "Stillness" on and it is gorgeous. Next the beams. Then the fan. Then the crown moulding. Do you feel the excitement?
Here's my man. He was sanding down the rough edges of the board and painting them. I could lose my mind with anticipation.
Here is my current youngest imitating Daddy. Come next week, by the grace of God alone, I will have a baby and this will be our middle child. Would you please say a prayer for us? We covet prayers for health and smooth delivery. Isn't God gracious to us that He lets us cultivate life even though we constantly fail Him? 


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