Gomer's Beauty.

Well, Friends of Gomer, I'm holding a baby in my left hand and typing to you with my right. What a miracle it is to give birth. Every time I am blessed with the opportunity to have a child, I am simply in awe of this miracle that we get to be a part of.  Last week, we didn't do any remodeling. We loved on a precious baby girl. Chayah Camille Cherry. She is a gift from God.
 Here she is with our youngest, Yasha.
 Love those fingers.
 This is how she sleeps in my lap.
 Our third day together.
Here is Denbigh holding her wearing the Cherry Heirloom Dress.

 This week, my man has been working on the ceiling in the kitchen. He painted the beams and put them up.
 Here are more of them up. I love that soft white against the pale blue. If you remember, I was drawn to these colors because of their names. Stillness and Pale Bloom. I think it worked out nice.
 This is our new fan. I had picked it out in May and it was out of stock until a few weeks ago. It was only available online, so I waited and waited. Then, they called and joy of all joys we got to go pick it up at Lowe's. My man installed it. We kicked the ugly box fan to the curb and all of our dreams are coming true. Now, besides appliances, all I need is a few grand for some countertops. Let it be, Lord.
Oh yes, the floor came in! It arrived home the same day as the baby. Here we go on the next project. Much love to all of you. Love lavishly with a heart that reflects Christ.


maggie may said…
amazed at your beautiful family and how good God is!
can't wait to see the floors!

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