Gomer's Getting Ready.

We have been home for about a week. It has been nice to be home. It's our mid-summer time to get everything done that we need to. We had two dental visits, two OB visits, one Family Practitioner visit, and one Optometrist visit. We've had guests and have been fixing things here and there. We have one big window in the landing yet to be fixed before we go. Denbigh is leaving Friday to lead worship in Lubbock and will return late Saturday. Then we leave on Sunday. Then it's five weeks of leading worship four times a day, practice, Bible study, and counseling. Whew. At the end of this, I'm going to have a baby. Anybody else need a nap? 
Some of the knobs were missing from our original kitchen order. They came in while we were away. Denbigh installed them. The ones pictured belong to the buffet in the dining room. I loved them because they looked like sea glass and they looked antique. All the knobs are in place, friends. Come open a door! You'll fall madly in love. My husband also did something amazing in the kitchen. He cleaned the oven...with oven cleaner and a scrub pad. The whole nine yards. I thought it was fantastically romantic. 
We had to make a trip to the Outlet mall for a few things, so of course they girls had to ride in one of the rides. I got in the grown up version and hit the massage chair.
This is on the road behind our house.
Another view. Does anyone else sing "amber waves of grain" when you drive by a wheat field?
A picture I did. I'm going to keep a copy of this for myself too. I love the simplicity of it.
Say a little prayer for us as we are out on the road. Pray for my little car to keep on going. I'd also ask for spiritual protection and the stamina and reliance to finish with great joy. Much love to you all.

*Mark your calendar for October 20th. We are going to have a big Fish Fry/ Art Sale/ All Day Music fundraiser. We would be blessed to raise funds to operate here for the coming year. Thank you!


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