Love Does by Bob Goff

I liked it. Let me tell you why. Bob Goff's words in this book are like a pair of old jeans that you just feel like you belong in. They feel like home. They feel like the Jesus you want to know more instead of the one perpetuated to us by the establishment. Love Does is a rowdy, exhilarating breath of fresh air that will catch you off guard and make you question if you've been doing it right this whole time. You might want to pick up a copy to see if there are things that would be more worth your time than the sterile way you have been going about this Christian life. Dive in.

I read several of the stories in this book to my husband as we were driving. I knew that the simple, witty, hilarious style Bob uses to speak to us in the book would wildly appeal to him. It did. Sometimes, you get so engrossed in his stories that you forget that you are learning a lesson. Brilliance, I tell you.

We follow Bob around as the most amazing things happen to him. I want to tell you the stories, but I don't want to ruin the book for you. It's something you need to experience yourself. It is a delicious break from the monotonous how to books of our Christian culture. He asks us to quit stalking Jesus and  really get into a relationship with Him and engage the people around us. 

I read a story about Bob in Donald Miller's 
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. In the story, Bob and his kids send their house keys to heads of state and dignitaries around the world. As a result of this, they all got to meet world leaders and some even showed up for a sleepover. This inspired my husband and I to give away keys to our house. We just thought that people might need to be reminded that they are loved. 

I only had one thing that stood out to me. It was the way "religious" people were portrayed. Looking at Bob's words in the rest of the book, I don't think he was a judgmental guy or the type to jump on this band wagon to bash religion. I just know that if you look at the Jewishness of Jesus, the disciples, even Mary, these people were devout. Jesus wasn't bashing religious people. He was speaking out against hypocrites. I think Jesus loves the church. He made a guy on the island of Patmos write her letters and referred to her as His bride. Sounds like a man smitten to me. That's just my side note. Buy this book.

Bob, I am delighted that you wrote a book about the rich compassion of Christ and the extravagant lengths it goes to in the normal human life. Send me your address and I'll send you a key to our house. You are beautiful.

(I noticed the book had a brilliant editor as well. Kudos to my friend Jennifer Stair)

This book was graciously provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


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