Grace, Grace, God's Grace.

 Sometimes I think there should be a top secret version of this blog. I wish I could tell you all of the things we get to see at our house. There is heartbreak and there are miracles. I am more thankful for the kindness of Christ and how He ministers to us than I could ever convey to you. Just in case you have forgotten, God is good. He is good and He loves you.

It seems so silly to me to be putting so much thought into what goes into the kitchen and dining room. I hope that people know how much thought went into making a place of rest for them. I want people to be assured that God has prepared a place for them. A few weeks back, I took my neighbor a container of homemade soup and a photograph I had taken so she could have some art in her house. She told me that we were the kindest people she had ever known. I cried. It was soup. I was grieved that simple love had been withheld from her much of her life. As people come in to our home, I want them all to feel loved no matter what place they are in. I hope that the simple things we can do seem full of the extravagant grace of God to each person. As much pain as we see, I pray that we see as many miracles. I am thankful for a miracle this week. I am excited about an old friend and neighbor beginning to fall in love with the word of God. I am thankful for simple kindness. 

What is left for the kitchen? 
Floor, Moulding, Countertop, Dishwasher, etc. I love how each piece is coming together. It's beautiful that when we get out of the way that God brings in what He wants how He wants it.

 The knobs going in!


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