Gomer's Cooking With Gas

Perhaps you think it's glamorous to live in a mansion. Sure, if you go by the tax assessors records, it might seem so. The reality is that this is hard work. Some days we cry. Some days we are really excited. Some days we are so broken under the weight of God's grace that we can hardly speak. 

There are moments that seem truly lucid and some that are incomprehensible. As I stare at this I house, I am often reminded of my own depravity and the lengths God has gone to just to make me useful. We are constantly coming up against comments that we will never finish this project or that we are crazy. What I have learned is that we must take everything in stride. Take the negatives in your life and use them to motivate you and to remind you of grace. God is faithful. Our house is warmer than it was 3 years ago. Mostly, despite some harrowing defeat, we are still going strong. In the face of hateful critics, we have persevered and we are managing to do the very thing we set out to do. Hundreds of people have passed through our doors because God is good. He wants a place in the desert for people to come to. He wants a quiet respite for His weary children. Though we are not wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, we are trying to do the work. We pray and we thank God for the things He has done. When it's all said and done, we will all know who did this. We will know it was not us. To God be the glory.
Here is a tour of the worst room in the house, the kitchen. This is my stove. We went for a year and a half with no stove (no joke) because we were putting our money into redoing the plumbing and other things.
These cabinets had doors once, but I took them off. I turned the kitchen over to the Lord and have asked Him to remodel it. I'll let you know what He does.
Another view (into the utility room). 
Here is Denbigh nailing up some foam board in the kitchen. It is a great insulator.
 Denbigh and Yaya posing for me.
 The floor we are ripping up.Who wants to donate a new floor to Gomer?
 The ceiling with the foam on it.
Here are our exposed pipes. We replaced cast iron and copper lines. Now we need to build a wall around it to cover it up.
A recent painting I did in my effort to raise money for the kitchen project. I've collected about five thousand dollars so far. 


Anne Smith said…
It's great encouragement to me to see the work God has done in and through you. May he bless you much today!
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, dear friend.
Rachelle said…
Hi Stephanie :) I just wanted to say hello. It makes me sad that people criticize what you and your husband are doing. I think you both are amazing and inspiring. I pray for your children, your family, and Gomer's often. When I get my income taxes done, I will try to send a little bit to help with your project. God Bless you.

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