Bordeaux's in Kyle, Texas

 Bordeaux's is one of my absolutely favorite places to eat and i just realized that I have yet to blog about it. Perhaps, I thought that I couldn't capture the essence for you. I shall however try. 

The romantic atmosphere is divine for a date night or soiree with your girlfriends. I love everything about it. You walk in to black leather covered chairs and elegant booths that make you feel a world away when you slip into them. The lighting is just perfect. It is not so low that you cannot see your date and just low enough to set the mood. The rustic, elegant surroundings are a perfect backdrop for your evening of decadence.

On my last visit, we started with escargot and stuffed mushrooms. Oh butter. Next, the salad came with the best dressing I have ever had, the wasabi cucumber. A sweet savory butternut squash soup came into play. Then, oh then, the pièce de résistance, the filet oscar. Stars. My mouth is watering. This is a 6 oz. center cut filet topped with blue crab meat, grilled asparagus, and their signature  jalapeño béarnaise sauce. I highly recommend that you try an evening out at Bordeaux's.

Visit them online: Bordeaux's
cucumber wasabi 
 butternut squash soup
stuffed mushrooms


Life Line said…
That looks Good...
maggie may said…
drooling. ;)

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