Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamont

I would like to quote Charles Dicken's on this one. "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Anne Lamont is brilliant. She can write scenes and characters in a way that makes you genuinely feel like you know them. I felt as though I was struggling through life with Rosie and her family as they battled addiction and depression. I was caught up in their story. If you are struggling through something like this, this is a brilliant read about the process we all go through to come to acceptance of painful things. It shows how we begin to deal with many things.

On the worst of times, this book is real. I lost two brothers to addiction. I struggled along in a family like this and really, I didn't want to go back to the language, the abuse, and the drama. There is a lot of language in the book that I had not been assaulted with in some time. The words were way out of the scope of learning for this homeschool mom who is on a wholesome pursuit towards Christ. Anne does bring her characters to seek out spiritual meaning and it is interesting to see the battles associated with coming to grips with our Creator. 

Although the book is brilliant, I cannot recommend it to the viewers of this blog. I am however a big Anne Lamont fan and greatly enjoyed many of her other works.


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