The Hotel Blessing in Blessing, Texas

CNN called it the "best food joint in Texas." I had wanted to find out for myself for some time and I finally got the opportunity.  We were headed to the beach for a little weekend getaway with some of my family so I added in this hour long detour to Blessing. It is definitely small town home cooked goodness. The whole thing is family style. By that I mean that you seat yourself, get our own plate, and serve yourself from all the pots out on the stove, just like you would at grandma's house. Helen will greet you and share some country goodness with you. 

When you go, you pay one price to eat as much as you like of whatever is on the stove. The day we went several different items were on the tap, but I dove into the fried chicken. It was most definitely the best I have ever eaten. They laugh about being hip because their produce is organically grown locally, but it always has been. The coffee is turned on daily by the locals. I heartily invite you to check it out. 


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