Hermie: A Bug Collection

Hermie and Friends: A Bug Collection is a set of three dvds that teach kids wonderful moral lessons. Included is Milo the Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray, Buzbee and the Grumblebees, and Hailey and Bailey's Big Fight. Lessons are taught regarding prayer, complaining, and arguing.

We were all abuzz here when we received this dvd set. Hermie is one of our favorite cartoons to watch in our family. The animation is great and the characters are truly engaging. You can't help but love them all. Each dvd gave us an opportunity for great discussion. There were also plenty of times when the dialogue spoke to me as an adult. Milo reminded us to pray even when we don't see immediate results. Buzzbee showed us how to be respectful and obey. Hailey and Bailee showed us how to keep our focus on things that are important. They were all great. We highly recommend them for your dvd library.

Laomai, my four year old, can retell all of the lessons from each dvd to me with ease after one viewing. It is proof that the way it is presented works exceptionally well.

Thomas Nelson has generously given this dvd set for review.


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