Talk to me, Abba.

Your obedience is fragrant to Me. I desire to see you long for what I long for. I desire to share with you all the things that I see and know. Listen. I want to give you something far beyond the ability to minister to people. I want to give you a heart that cries out for them. I want you to long to see healing and hope alive in others. This is not about ministry or church or anything of the like. This is about you learning to love your neighbor. This is about you learning to lavish love on your family. When you do this for them, you do it for Me. You are not to be about doing good things for the sake of doing them or throwing more things on the altar that you think I will admire. Be humble. Do things you know will delight my heart and bring them to Me as one would seek to delight a lover. Be intimate with Me. Know who I want to speak to and touch by listening to Me. This is exactly what I do for you.

"In their distress, He too was distressed; . . . He lifted them up and carried them." 
- Isaiah 63:9

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