My Week Off

I told Denbigh I was looking forward to having a baby so I could get some rest. He just laughed at me. Right up until the birthing hour I was sanding and staining floors. I was constantly in the middle of some project. For seven days, I haven't accomplished anything. I haven't cooked or cleaned or sanded anything down, but I am getting antsy. I have a door to refinish. All I have been doing is staring at my baby daughter and being reminded of how fast the other one has grown. I cried when I knew she was leaving my belly. I cried when she came into my arms. I am beyond thankful for the beautiful gift of family. We have had more than 50 visitors out here in the middle of nowhere. Who would have thought people would come so far to bless us? Thank you for your kindness. 
See you all next week. Join me here for witty banter and deep insight.



Warren Baldwin said…
Praise God for your healthy baby, close family, and good friends who surround you.
Unknown said…
congrats on your new baby girl!!! your girls are beautiful!!
Stephen said…
I'll come refinish that door... play with your baby

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