Things I Learned from my Grandma

I was thinking recently about how our society has trained us as women to complain about our husbands and children. I am not talking about asking your friends for prayer. I see so often that we have conditioned ourselves to complain so much that we can barely take a compliment for them. When someone compliments them, our conditioned response is, "don't let looks deceive you." Or something to that effect.

We have made these things our programmed response. We think we are being vulnerable and intimate, but really, sharing other people's faults isn't intimate at all. It's gossip and ridicule that effect how others see our family. It is almost impossible to escape in society.

That got me to thinking about my grandma. She never had a cross word to say about her family. Of course there were unruly and cantankerous people there, but you wouldn't know it by her. She had the most graceful integrity. I admire that. She lauded her husband and instead of forcing her judgment for his actions on him, she prayed. She lauded the joys of family to others. She praised and prayed and sang over her family. They all succeeded. They all faced life's hardships with vigor and passion because they were confident of love and acceptance. She did this with her friends to.

I wondered if our society was denying our children this safe haven. I wondered what a generation would look like that had mostly known ridicule. I am praying that God grants me this quiet integrity that prays and does not complain.

* Some picture from my week. 1. The Chapel Dulcinea (blog to come) 2. Dealey Plaza "The Grassy Knoll" 3. Laomai at my parent's ranch 4. Me staining Laomai's floor. You can see in her closet to the right as to what the floor used to look like. I sanded this floor by hand and stained it the same. I was really trying to protect the character of the floor. Usually, you mop on stain, but I did it by hand and filled in all of those cracks with an eye dropper. If you want to learn what lengths God goes to in order to restore your life, come work here. It's painstaking and precise. If you need any prayers, let me know. I pray alot while working. Have a blessed week.


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