Discover to Delight

The wise men set out to discover the Lord.

I got to thinking about some things from my last post and I wondered what you thought. I got to thinking about husbands. I don't really know many dictator style husbands, but we always see them on the news. They usually end up letting their need for power and control get out of hand until they have done something crazy. They say what to eat, wear, and every aspect of the life of the family. Before, I go on, I am a huge supporter of the man being the head of the house. I just think that we have confused what that looks like. We have veered from the tender washing of the word. There is either no washing or we find people holding their spouses head under the water until they can't breathe.

As I was thinking about the dictator husband and the way I am permitted to live, I got sad. You see, I am permitted creativity (a reflection of God's Spirit alive in me). I have the gift of discovery. One of my favorite things is to watch my husband and listen to him about what he loves. I like to uncover what it is that delights him and create those things. I know what my man loves to eat and I delight to cook it. No one has to demand anything from me. I find it joy. The most beautiful thing to me is getting to find out things about him that he could not even discern himself.

All of these joys of mine led me to think about the type of relationship we are in with Christ. I wondered if we had become the domineering wife. Has our hard nosed ritualistic and staunch lifestyle left us cold and judgmental? Have the rules we created robbed us of joy? Have we trained ourselves to live in such a way that we can no longer intimately discover what delights our Lord?

Do you notice in Ephesians five that God calls the woman to submit and the man to die? Do you think this is accurately represented in our Christian society? What do we need to lay down to discover what delights the Lord? We must train the future generations to turn from the chore and embrace the delight or we will surely die out.
May you yearn deeply for Jesus today.


Steve said…
Yes, you are so right. We have veered from God's word. Yes the man is the head of the home, but not the ruler! When we marry, we become one in the eyes of God, not two divied. The man being the head of the home simply means, the spiritual leader of the home, and God will hold the man accountable for this. The man is to adore his wife,( through the good and the bad ) and to love his wife as Christ loved the church, and we know, Christ died for the Church( the people ).
God bless
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you for the encouragement, Steve. You shared some great insight in your comment!

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