Desperate Love

There are unseen lyrics in the human need for the divine. It amazes me every time I see someone forego the hostile nature of man and choose to yearn for the Spirit. Thank you, God, that we can come to you. Thank you that we can turn from hostility against You and enter into a deeply passionate relationship with You.

I often find myself bewildered when I see hostility towards God in the church. I am not sure why though. It shouldn't surprise me. I remember hearing once that the only time Jesus ever got into a fight was with church leaders or in church.

Did He walk away deeply grieved for what was happening in the church? Did He cry out to the Father after He turned over the tables of the temple? Did He plead His own blood over the adulterous woman attacked by the church leaders?

Jesus didn't seem to show much love to these people. Does that seem odd to you? Or was His refusal to tolerate their sin (as they pretended to worship God) the greatest thing He could do? Were some brought to repentance there? Would anyone have foregone the fear of their position to speak truth to them? Love looks like many things. It hardly ever looks like a wishy washy indifference. It never promotes self or constantly draws attention to other's sin. Love is radical. It is confrontational. It is deep. The love of Christ was confronting and intolerant of sin. The love of Christ was most beautifully manifested in grueling death. Love.



Warren Baldwin said…
"Love looks like many things. It hardly ever looks like a wishy washy indifference."

I think Jesus' occasional harsh reaction to the preachers of his day was his way of showing love to them and their victims (the woman of John 8 being one of their victims).

To have ignored their selfish, power-hungry attitudes and their abuse of other people would not have been loving, as it would have left them blindly in their sin. Many of them remained in their sin anyway, but not b/c Jesus didn't try to help them see.

You write very well and have good insights.

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