Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus!

I thought I would make a video of some random pictures I took during the holidays. I miss my brothers terribly, but I am thankful for the beautiful things that God is doing in my family. I am grateful for the child I do have amidst a season of loss. May all of your tragedy be turned into triumph in 2010.
*The last two pics are things Gomer's House received for Christmas.

May you have a blessed 2010 as you seek God's face.
†Love to you from the Cherry Family and Gomer's House!

* I am sorry this is late. The internet was out at our house last night.


Sandi said…
great video. We still need to come see Gomer's house. Glad you guys are doing well.
maggie may said…
Thank you for letting me celebrate the holiday with you thru your pics. What a beautiful family you have.
Happy New Year!!

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