Is This How It Will All End

Most of you know that my husband and I are deep in the throes of remodel. In the spring, Denbigh stepped on a hundred year old rusty nail and we got to make a trip to get a tetanus shot. Thankfully, there have been no major accidents since . . . until Friday. Like most fun-oriented young couples, we were hanging drywall on Friday night. With a new utility knife in his hand, Denbigh was cutting down the piece of drywall to fit the chosen spot. Yes, he cut himself. He sliced off the tip of his index finger. I was trying to make light of it and exclaimed, "Baby, the money makers! What are you thinking?" Then I saw the piece of skin on the ground and my soul mate turning a pale, pasty bluish color. I made him sit down and I grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding.

Sitting on the floor with my husband, I noticed him getting more and more pale. His eyes started rolling back in his head and he started mumbling incoherently. Was he having a seizure? Was he fainting? Poor Denbigh woke up to his hysterical wife weeping and saying, "Jesus, is this how it is all going to end!?" Drama much?

I emailed my friend Wyana for some suggestions while my friend Christine talked to a nurse hot line. We didn't have to go to the ER, thankfully.

Realizing that we needed to clean and dress the wound, we headed into the bathroom. Christine cleaned the wound because I was about to toss my cookies. I was sitting in the bath tub to make room for the other three adults in the bathroom. Denbigh was biting down on a paint stick and holding Frank's hand while Christine cleaned his wound. Now, this might seem weird, but this was all of a sudden hilarious to me. Four adults in a bathroom, with my husband biting on a paint stick, and holding Frank's hand. Funny.

Denbigh is doing fine. As soon as he could, he ran and got out all of his guitars to make sure he could still play. The money makers are in full effect! Don't you worry. Nobody tell him I shared this story with you. He'd be upset with me. Come help us at Gomer's House any time. Bring some drywall.


Stephanie said…
oh my. that is all. oh. my.
Jennifer said…
the adventures, when house remodeling, are endless! Poor Denbigh, I'm glad the finger survived. Sorry, but I was laughing out loud reading the story... lol!
maggie may said…
that is crazy. don't you remember when we lived up there and justin cut off the tip of his thumb. now it's shorter than the other, even though the doctor sewed it back on. i told him, "honey, if you're gonna faint, you gotta tell me. you're 6'5" and i'm gonna drop you on the floor if you try to land on me." love? i think so.

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