Beware — the False Prophet (2)

I am not talking about main stream false prophets like Osteen, or Meyer, or Bell. This false prophet lingers inside your church appearing to have the very best of intentions. They are many. For every Elijah there are 450 prophets of Ba'al.

"Warnings against false prophets are necessary based on the fact all prophets are not true. Truth can be violated and the gospel's enemies usually conceal their hostility and try to pass themselves off as fellow believers." - DA Carson

They are not always easy to spot. They clothe themselves in the uniform of God's sheep, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Beware. They learn to use narrow gate language. They emulate hard road living. They masquerade as small crowd people.

False prophets use Bible verses. They pray on their faces. Don't be deceived.
Be alert.

We are allergic to this teaching. Wouldn't Jesus want us all to just get along? Somehow drawing a line in the sand and saying that this is true and that is not is considered "unChristian." What fellowship can light have with darkness? Beware. Matthew 7:1 tells us not to judge, but read on...
"Beware of the false prophet (Matthew 7:15)."

Two Marks of a False Prophet:
1. Bad teaching.
2. Bad Living.

Examine the fruit. The false prophet speaks things as though they were from God, but cannot be found in scripture. Test the spirit by the spirits. Let no one deceive you with empty words.

Our culture tells us this is mean and nasty. That's judgmental. That's not "Christian." The Bible says to test the spirits, beware of false prophets, expose the deeds of darkness, and rebuke those who contradict sound teaching.

"Refute false prophets and when you find them, show them much love, but no quarter."
-Dr. Voddie Baucham


Steve said…
Good post. I'm enjoying reading this, and you speak so much truth in this. I worry about people who say they have been saved and washed in the blood, and never have a good word to say about anyone. They have the preacher and his wife for dinner, and then talk about them when their gone. They always complain about the preaching, Sunday School teachings, the way you dress, or don't dress, its just on and on.
May God bless you as you write
Unknown said…
OOO.. this could be a whole 3 hour discussion! We must talk on Thursday! xoxox
Emily said…
Thank you for your words. They are true and to the point. Beware. Love you.

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