A Night With Donald Miller

On Tuesday night I had the joy of hearing Donald Miller speak about his new book at First Baptist Church in Georgetown, Texas. I enjoyed the drive there on the glorious toll road 130. Upon arriving, I see some of my dearest friends, Cosmo and Suzi who were coerced by my husband to join me. It is always a joy and a blessing to see them. We laughed at the opener, Susan Isaacs. She was funny, and angry, and funny. Then, the Donald, as I like to call him, came out and shared. I enjoy his writing. I enjoy his insight which makes me stare deep within into what I think and believe about God. His story telling causes me to search out God for myself.

One point that the Donald made was about conflict. I wrote about this idea in my book review several posts back. He told us that there was conflict in the Bible before the fall. Adam was naming all of the animals and he was lonely. This could have taken Adam up to one hundred years to name all of the animals on earth, so you can see he would start to notice everyone had a mate suitable but him. Lonely. That sounds like a post fall condition, but there it is. Adam was in conflict. God noticed and let him stay there for a while. This was meant to give Adam a deep desire for a mate. It was meant to stir thankfulness. Conflict is a gift.

He told of disgust at the books Christian authors are putting out with the 5 steps to get more out of Jesus. When we follow these paths if we succeed, WE succeed. If we fail, WE fail. We must thrust ourselves completely dependent into the embrace of the Almighty. There is such danger in us trying to apply the teachings of Jesus to ourselves like we would the teachings of Buddha or Muhammad. We are to put on Christ according to the glorious book of Romans, not dabble in His teachings.

At the end of the evening, the Donald said that something he discovered was "Terribly Interesting" Cosmo turned to me and said, " He reads your blog!" I bet he checks it every day. Blessings on your endeavors, Donald Miller. May God multiply insight and integrity to you.


nicole's nickel said…
The Denbigh..the Donald, now I do believe you have a literary crush....Loves:)
I feel like I should post a sighn..Conflict ROCKS! Then for sure the whole neighborhood will think I have lost it.
2Cortithians 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.
Steph Cherry said…
Ha. I didn't even put "the Denbigh" and "the Donald" together. It just happened. I was thinking about the real "the Donald's" bad comb over and thought I would rather have Donald Miller be my "the Donald." I also have a literary affinity for the writing of Anne Graham Lotz and Andrew Murray. I guess they need nick names also.

Just don't wear black lipstick and get a bunch of tattoos when you put your sign out. I think it will be great!! I'll help you paint it!
Steph Cherry said…
(From Denbigh)
I'm glad you got to see "The Donald" and Cosmo and Suzi! That's a trifecta!

I was listening to Voddie Baucham preach about how Adam was alone and needed a helpmeet, but he had no point of reference whatsoever as to what he needed.
And that's an interesting point about how loneliness existed before the fall. Yep, The Donald is deep. And I'm sure it's because he reads your blog.

Tori Batey said…
I LOVE Donald Miller's books!

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