Beautiful Rest

This Blog is updated each Tuesday. I sit here writing to you from the banks of the Lake Livingston. I feel as though I am writing a letter to a dear friend. The winds sweeping across the water make me feel transported to another time or place. I am sure that place is very Pride and Prejudice. I fully keep expecting Anne of Green Gables to walk up at any minute and give me some godly wisdom. She is not coming and I find myslef waiting on God Himself. I need to be alone with Him.
(This all makes me think of Genesis 1:2.
The Spirit of God moved over the surface of the waters)
This past week of prayer and counsel did me in. It full on brought me to the end of myself. I know this will sound odd, but I am happy to be here. There is a whole lot less of me here than there was last week and I find that quite agreeable. I enjoy less of me no matter how tired I am.
As we all know, God knows what we need. Here I sit on the bank of a river, at the edge of a lake and here I shall remain until Friday. Denbigh is leading worship at Carolina Creek this week. The rest of the Cherry family is along for the ride. I am hoping to get to see baby Kyle this week. I stole this photo off their blog. It moved me. Please continue to pray for that sweet baby boy. Do you ever feel like you are about to be stretched and changed into something you have never imagined being? I feel like many of the people around me (myself included) are on the cusp of something all together life altering. My prayer, dear friend, is that we are never the same.
Isaiah 58:10 (Amplified Bible)
"And if you pour out that with which you sustain your own life for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday."
I thought I should close this letter with a wax seal.
(I dedicate this wax seal to Tiffany) Random ps: Denbigh, my beloved husband, once asked me if chain smoking was when people got together and smoked. He always keeps me laughing histerically. The other day I got bonus gift with some make-up I bought. It came with blue eye shadow. I caked this stuff on my eyes and waited for him to notice. He tells me I am really pretty and it is neat to have something different. I informed him that I would no longer be trusting his judgement and reminded him of the chick tip in my book. "Never wear blue eyeshadow."


Anonymous said…
Hi Stephanie...hope you guys are having a blessed time at Carolina Creek. It's so beautiful's one of Chad's favorite places in the world!

I just wanted to share my blog address with you. You inspired me to also write. I love reading your weekly blogs. Thanks!

Hope you don't mind that I have your blog link on my page. : )

Take care,
Philippians 1:3-8 said…
I don't mind at all, Tammy. It's encouraging to know that I encouraged you, in some small way, to write.

I'll be checking out your blog shortly.

Tiffany Atwood said…
Thank you for the seal dedication, my dear Stephanie! I am currently reading "Emma" - for the fifth time. I needed a Jane fix! :)


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