Love Jones

Today is Valentine's Day. It is the day of love. It happens to be one of my favorite days of the year. I say that because I am so in love and I love love. I love an excuse to give stuff to people. It is terribly fun.

I have been seeing a consistent idea around me wherein people dumb things down to make them less than they are. First, I heard baby einstein "do" classical music and I wanted to throw up. I told Denbigh I think they butchered Schubert. People love it. They love double time music that has been slaughtered by a xylophone. Me, I love strings and wood winds. I love the passion and the fluidity of the original. Does anyone see where I am going with this?

I love the original. We have so far dumbed down everything for the world coming up that they will not be able to recognize it in the generations to come. They prefer the dumb down version of everything (except themselves). Today, I wondered what it be like to love a lesser version of my husband had I settled for such a one. That got me thinking about the beauty of God that is in Christ. We have dumbed Him down to a ridiculous misrepresentation. Derek Webb uses the terminology that we settle for lovers so less wild. Then, I say we are so less ourselves.

I have been attending a Bible study this year that has a teacher that dumbs down the beautiful, strong, tender, poetic message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week, I was horrified by her heresy. She explained to us that there were no longer prophets (people that tell us God's Word). She was preaching the cessation of gifts. The very person she was teaching on is the same one who explains these gifts of the Spirit in the New Testament. I sat there, mouth agape, sad, angry, and wounded that the Word would be adulterated in such a way. I realized also, that no one (besides Emily) in the room with me even noticed. We have so dumbed down the Gospel in our churches that no one recognizes the lie. It has devastated me. I urge you, seek out the original. May you be desperate for the sound of strings!


Unknown said…
Amen! Amen! and Amen! Preach it!

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