She Blooms

Have you ever received a pot of dirt as a gift? I have. It reminded me of the scene from Meet the Parents when Gaylord gives Jack Burns (supposed flower enthusiast) the bulb in the pot. So, from that we dubbed our bulb in the dirt the "Jerusala Tulipuzi." In reality, it is an Amaryllis. They bloom 5 days out of the year. It is fascinating to wait so long for a few moments of startling beauty. I would compare it to giving birth or watching someone you have discipled do something extraordinary and out of their character (as they assume Christ's). I would say that when God sends us people they are much like a pot of dirt. Only God knows the exquisite nature of what lies in the darkness.

Terrible Beauty.

I happened to look up the word terrible in the dictionary the other day. (I created this "terribly" interesting blog because I loved the idea that God is terrible.) One of the definitions said formidably great and another excites awe.
I decided to use excites as a verb more after reading that.


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