très vivant

People always tell me that my husband is fabulous and a rare find. I would have to agree. This brings me to our yesterday. First, he turned off all our alarms and hides our phones so I get to sleep until 11 o'clock! Then he sweeps me off to Chic-fil-a to satisfy some pregnancy induced craving. Following that we head to my favorite jewelry/accessory store...only to be followed by a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy artist paint and a new wooden palette. After that it was off to see Hollywoodland with buttery popcorn and Coke. As we come home, Denbigh says we should spend the rest of the evening painting (He said I had inspired him to paint- which I find to be the greatest of compliments). He opened the windows to the rain trickling down, put on some soft classical music, and we painted for 3 hours. It was lovely and extravagant. I am blessed.
I am rested.

*très vivant is French for "very much alive."


Unknown said…
You are both beautiful artists!

You are both lucky to have each other, but we know "luck" had nothing to do with it.
Melissa said…
Lovely. :-)

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