Laomai Petra Cherry

We could clearly see (thanks to this active baby) that she is a girl. She is healthy and moving!

Her name will be Laomai Petra Cherry.

Laomai (Lay -oh- may) is Hebrew for spiritual healing. Petra is from Matthew 16:18 where Jesus says,"upon this rock I will build my church (the rock,"Petra," is Him referring to His being the son of God). Petra is also my paternal grandmother's middle name.

She is due March 1st.

Denbigh was screaming and crying. He actually hasn't stopped yet. It is quite endearing. Everyone in the family is excited. My mom is going nuts! Denbigh's mom is going nuts! I am excited about pink! Decorate!!!!! We must decorate!

Now that you have a name, please continue to pray for Laomai as she develops, and that God would place an anointing on her life.


Melissa said…

I think she looks like Stephanie! ;-) said…
Linda says that she looks like her.
Melissa said…
well, isn't that almost the same thing? You are black after all.....

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