The Story of God's Love For You by Sally Lloyd-Jones

In this video, The Jesus Storybook Bible is referred to as the children's book that adults are reading. I can attest to that for myself. I fell head over heels in love with it. I would find myself getting teary reading it to my girls. When I discovered the amazing audio, we were locked in to listening to it all of the time. It is some of the most beautifully inspired poetic wording inspired by the Bible. It is gorgeous. 

I have been reading the children's version for years. Even so, when I saw the cover and title, it drew me in. As I began reading it as this repackaged book for me, it became even more powerful. Those words washed over me in ways I cannot describe. Healing came. Love was felt. It became so tangible. Thank you, Sally. We needed a storybook for us grown-ups who realize we are still God's child. We are safely in His care. It's beautiful. Please read it for yourself.


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