Guadalupe River House

Last week, I surprised my people with a little Gomer's House loving just for them. I did not tell them where we were going or that we were meeting two of our dearest friends there. You should have seen the wonder of the faces of my three beauties when they saw that we were staying in a tree house for three days. This place was amazing. It would be an wonderful place to stay in warm weather. We still had a great time. The creativity that went into building this is simply fascinating. It looks like the people bought a salvage yard and started building in the most unique ways possible. We stayed in the Redwood Tree Haus. It was a two bedroom, 1 bath with a full kitchen and living room. Right underneath us was a park. I highly recommend it. Since it was overcast when we were there, I added the link to see the professional pictures on their site.

You can view pictures of the tree house we stayed in here:

If you would like to stay there, here is the link:

One of the other tree houses
You could climb down this giant limb enclosed in net from our balcony.

This is a terrible picture, but I love sitting around with our dear friends and my man playing guitar.

Part of the park under our tree haus. All of the hobbit doors were a childlike fantasy.
My friend Suzi making us pizza!

 The park under our tree haus.
Yaya and Cosmo exploring the river.


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